Jul 18, 2010

David Blackwell has died

(July 26, 2010) Update: Eran Shmaya links to a bunch of really nice posts on Blackwell, several of which I really enjoyed.
On July 8th David Blackwell, professor emeritus at UC Berkeley's Dept. of Statistics, passed away. He was 91 years old.

On this blog, I have made my admiration for Prof. Blackwell pretty clear, devoting not only a post on Blackwell's Approachability Theorem, but also another post on the interesting story of his life and career in research. I'm particularly saddened that I never got a chance to meet him, especially so given that I've been a student at his university for four years.

For those interested, The New York Times has a really nice piece on Blackwell's life and accomplishments.


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